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Debonair HB Bundle Pack


Your beard will thank you for this bundle pack. Lets talk hydration. The Beard Hydrating Mist is almost self explanatory, you can guarantee all the nourishing hydration properties your beard needs with this product. Combining it with the Beard Butter is a match made in heaven as now you’ll get more moisture plus a light hold like you were using the styling balm. You will love this pack.


BEARD HYDRATING MIST – Created with all natural ingredients to hydrate, soften, tame, and keep beard fresh, our beard moisturizing mist is great for those bearded men that are always on the go. Spray your beard generously, rub product in, and hit the door. You will absolutely love the convenience of being able to spray and go. Best Moisturizing Product.

BEARD BUTTER – Our Beard Butter is a super moisturizing, beard growth promoting, skin and hair health helping light pomade.


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