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Debonair Deluxe Mini Beard Kit

Debonair Deluxe Mini Beard Kit

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BEARD BALM - All natural products that help promote growth while also making the job of maintaining your facial mane easier. Beard balms help soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent. BEARD BUTTER - Our Beard Butter is a super moisturizing, beard growth promoting, skin and hair health helping light pomade. BEARD HYDRATING MIST - Created with all natural ingredients to hydrate, soften, tame, and keep beard fresh, our beard moisturizing mist is great for those bearded men that are always on the go. Spray your beard generously, rub product in, and hit the door. You will absolutely love the convenience of being able to spray and go. Best Moisturizing Product BEARD OIL - Beard oil hydrates the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair. We recommend putting on beard oil first thing in the morning after showering or cleansing. Caring for skin, particularly cleansing and moisturizing is crucial, especially if you live in a cold or dry climate. We tend to think 'more is better,' but just a few drops of beard oil is plenty? BEARD WASH - Debonair Beard Co's Beard Wash is a great addition to any men's beard grooming regimen. Beard Wash leaves beard hair clean, refreshed and soft. BEARD SCRUB - The beard scrub is an exfoliating wash product that cleans the beard hair as well as the skin underneath.


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